Container Models

Container Models



It is recommended for environments where there is a need for temporary or portable oxygen production, especially in some hospitals with space problems for oxygen system. It is easy to use because it is portable. The system is also recommended for in places where there is very low space. It is easily installed on the roofs of the hospitals or any other area and it is not affected by the weather conditions. It is put into service with all the equipment for Hospitals established in extraordinary situations such as disaster. It is practical and ergonomic for the supply of oxygen needs of hospitals and facilities in the process of renovation.





Oxy-Gold 2

Oxy-Gold 3

Oxy-Gold 4

Oxy-Gold 5

Oxy-Gold 7

Oxy-Gold 11

Oxy-Gold 15

Oxy-Gold 18

Oxy-Gold 22



Oxy-Gold 30

Oxy-Gold 37

Oxy-Gold 45

Oxy-Gold 55

Oxy-Gold 75


Oxy-Gold 90

Oxy-Gold 110

Oxy-Gold 132

Oxy-Gold 160

Oxy-Gold 200

Oxy-Gold 250





• Our Container Model systems produce 90%, 93%, 95% ±3 purity oxygen.

• Oxygen production system works in the pressure range of 4-6 bar.

• All OXYGOLD models we produce are suitable for Container Model.

• Production loss is 0 thanks to 7/24 operation.

• Return on investment period varies between 12-24 months according to usage.

• The whole system has 2 year warranty and 10 year spare parts warranty.

• Since it is manufactured according to the extremes in temperature and humidity in the areas where it will be installed, resistant to outdoor weather conditions.

• Automatically shuts down when the oxygen purity drops below 90%, switches to safe mode andbeeps.

• Each part of the whole system has CE certification and the system is certified as a whole by CE certification