OXYGOLD Oxygen Production and Storage System can be used in both medical and industrial fields. Only uses air together with our air compressor, refrigerated dryer and filtration system and separates oxygen from other gases with nano technology. This separation is carried out with a fixed synthetic zeolite material which does not need to be replaced. The process is fully automated. It is ensured that it is virtually maintenance-free. The transmission pressure is adjusted to your needs from 0 bar (g) to 6bar (g). The oxygen produced becomes ready for use in the range of 90% -93% -95% purity. 99% purity range can be produced specially upon request.


OXYGOLD Oxygen Production and Storage Systems control software is important. Especially in medical applications, the purity level of oxygen should not fall below a certain level. Our products are compliant with to the Medical Device Directive (93/42 / EEC) and T.C.the 2012/7 directive issued by the Ministry of Health Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency of Republic of Turkey. Medical regulations state that medical oxygen for medical use should not fall below 90%. Therefore, when the oxygen purity of all OXYGOLD models is below 90%, the system monitor and management monitor give audible and visual warning. The system automatically switchesitself off without interference and prevents any damage.


OXYGOLD models have oxygen storage tanks. The system automatically stores the pure oxygen it produces and makes it ready for use.