• GOLDBERG Hospital Standard models operate in pressure range of 4-6 Bar (g).

• Each part of the whole system has CE certification and the system is certified as a whole by CE certification.

• The whole system has 2 year warranty and 10 year spare parts warranty.

• It produces oxygen in the range of 90%, 93%, 95%±3 purities.

• No transportation and labor costs. It produces as much oxygen as you need, and goes into standby mode when you don’t need it.

• Compressor pressure is 10 Bar (g). The maximum noise level is (±5) 70 dB.

• Capable of producing between 10 L / min - 2500 L / min. Above 2500 L / min capacity may be produced on request.

• GOLDBERG is able to produce oxygen continuously thanks to its ability to work 24/7.

• Return on investment period varies between 12-24 months according to usage.

• Automatically switches off when oxygen purity drops below 90%, and switches to safe mode.